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“What! This is the atrocity which the French have created to give us an idea if their boasted taste!”

—   Dumas, Zola et al. Re: the Eiffel Tower

Be seen doing the Monday NYT Crossword on Friday

You may or may not be aware that the New York Times crossword gets harder as the week goes on. That’s why I recommend saving the Monday puzzle and then completing it on Friday in a public place. BOOYA!

“The Romans celebrated New Years by drinking green beer”

—    Me

Go ahead. Listen to your “arcade fire”. I will remain dedicated to this Chick Corea / Gary Burton album from last fall.

Tonight is a great night to pour a bourbon, crack open a copy of Clifton Fadiman and feel bad about yourself.

Guess show I’m spending Friday night?


Regardless of what’s really in your iTunes library, don’t share anything but Opera and PDFs of classic scientific papers at work.

“I’m about to get my Bix Beirderbeck on! WHOOOO!”

—   Me

Oops, I just realized I’m still only half-way through Europe in the High Middle Ages.

“There just aren’t many laugh lines in the Nicene Creed.”

—   Me